1033ft Cruise Ship

Personal reproduction of a project produced in Chantiers de l’Atlantique shipyard.

The Movie

Produced in 40 working hours (and less than 80 working hours for 3D modeling), this animation is the result of a meticulous and important work on the ocean and the ship wake looks. Details brought during the 3D modeling has been essentials for a photo-realistic rendering..

3D Renderings

This 4 pictures has been produced in 24 working hours (besides 3d modeling). It presents different options of photo-realistic renderings with different kinds of environment and lights. Of course, the 3D has no limit. Therefore, a lot more creations could be produced.

Hotspot 360

The hotspot 360 brings an interactive sensation with an orbital and complete view of your project. It’s always a plus !



Additional services can be created to insure you a complete communication approach. It allows you to simplify our interactions avoiding multiple representatives. The below brochure is based on the brand graphic design that I created when I was charged of visual communication at Chantiers de l’Atlantique.

Plaquette commerciale d'un navire de croisière