Terms of sales

The service includes everything that is explicitly listed in the “Detail of the service” field in the quote. As a corollary, it does not understand what is not included in this same field.

Withdrawal period

No withdrawal period is possible after signing the quote. Before the signing of the quote, no commitment is made for either party.

Payment terms and conditions

Unless additional payment period agreed by agreement between the two parties and shown on the invoice, payment is made at the latest
within 30 days of the invoice date (C. Com. art. L. 441-6, al. 2 amended by the law of 15 May 2001). Any delay in payment may
give rise to late penalties due without reminder, at the rate of 10% of the total invoice per month of delay (fight against delays in
payment / article 53 of the NRE law), as well as a lump sum compensation of 40 € (C. Com. art. D441-5). Payments accepted by bank transfer. No discount in case of early payment.

Intellectual Property Code

In accordance with the CPI (articles L. 121-1 to L. 121-9), only the economic rights will be transferred to the client for the work described, to the exclusion of all others. It is recalled that the moral right of a creation (including inter alia the right to respect for the work and the right to respect for the name) remains attached to its author in a perpetual and imprescriptible manner. Any representation or reproduction in whole or in part made without the consent of the author or his assigns is illegal, and punishable according to the laws relating to the offense of counterfeiting (art. L. 122-4 of the CPI).

The entire production and related rights, subject of this order, remains the full and exclusive property of Gaëtan Ponceau as long as the invoices issued by Gaëtan Ponceau are not paid in full by the client company, up to the amount of total amount of the order and any riders concluded during the service. As a corollary, the client company will become the de facto owner of the rights transferred from the final settlement and clearing all the invoices issued by Gaëtan Ponceau in the context of the order.

The client company assumes full and entire responsibility for the choices made in terms of textual and iconographic content appearing in the realization delivered by Gaëtan Ponceau, as well as for the exploitation which will be made of it, and in particular its compliance with the regulations in force. It also ensures that it owns the rights necessary for the exploitation of all the textual and iconographic creative elements supplied by it to Gaëtan Ponceau as part of its mission, and guarantees Gaëtan Ponceau against any third-party complaint relating to the violation of the rights of these elements.


The possible delivery of the sources or work files relating to this order will only be made in the event of necessity induced by the strict exploitation of the work provided for in the conditions of transfer or in a subsequent endorsement.

Advertising rights

Gaëtan Ponceau reserves the right to mention its creation for the client company as a reference and to quote textual or iconographic extracts from the works concerned within the strict framework of its commercial prospecting, external communication and advertising efforts. Any reservation to Gaëtan Ponceau’s right to publicity must be notified and negotiated before the quotation is signed and mentioned on the invoice. However, no publication will be made prior to disclosure by the client company for the sake of confidentiality.

Period of validity of the quote

The delivery period included in the quote is indicated in the quote and depends of the planning of GP DIGITAL DESIGN. The pricing mentioned in the quote is valid for a period of 30 calendar days.